May Measurement Month campaigners take message across Cameroon

30th May 2017Eugenie Verney

May Measurement Month campaigners take message across Cameroon

May Measurement Month campaigners in Cameroon have been screening since the beginning of the month with the aim of reaching more than 10,000 people.

They have the support from hospitals across the country, various stakeholders, and three professional organisations — the Cameroon Cardiac Society; the Clinical Research Education, Networking and Consultancy, representing independent researchers and research consultants; and the Heart and Liver Foundation.

Global medical supplies company Omron has donated 220 blood pressure devices to the MMM17 campaign in Cameroon and these have been used in screening centres in cities and towns in eight of the country’s ten major regions. Among them are the capital Yaoundé, the port of Douala, Bertuoa, Muyuka, Bafoussam, Foumbot, Nkongsamba, and Maroua.

Above, clockwise from top left: May Measurement Month comes to the eastern city of Bertuoa, to Baffousam in the west of Cameroon, to Maroua in the north, and to Foumbot, near Baffousam.
Below, clockwise from top left: Screening at a police station in the port of Douala; volunteers at work in Mboppi Baptist Hospital, Douala; members of the public wait to be measured at a screening centre in the far north of the country; the MMM team at work in New Deido Market, Douala; a screening centre at Central Hospital in the capital, Yaoundé.

Below, clockwise from top left: A May Measurement Month banner at the Clinique Coeur et Vie, Douala; screening at a bus station in Mboppi, Douala; inside Laquintinie Hospital, Douala; and in one of the classrooms at Akwa primary school, Douala.