MMM17 in the headlines around the world…

23rd May 2017Eugenie Verney

MMM17 in the headlines around the world…

May Measurement Month continues to attract attention from the media around the world, with recent recent coverage from — among many others — these news outlets. Just click on the images or links to read.


Coverage in the Melville Times for Murdoch University’s screening programme

… and for the May Measurement Month volunteers at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research,  University of Tasmania, whose deputy director James Sharman took part in an interview on Radio Hobart. Part 1 is here, and Part two is here


Featured in the Shanghai Daily


In the Irish Examiner and the Irish News


An opinion piece in the Daily Nation


A press conference in Warsaw attended by more than 30 journalists generated nationwide online, print, and broadcast coverage. More here…

South Africa

Featured in the Roodepoort Record

United Kingdom

May Measurement Month attracted the UK media’s attention when actor Will Poulter — son of International Society of Hypertension president Professor Neil Poulter — added his support to the campaign,

The Press Association story received widespread regional and local coverage nationwide, including from the Belfast Telegraph

A separate story focused on a survey commissioned by the ISH which found that one in 20 Britons had never had their blood pressure checked. The Daily Express was one of those to use the story, while MMM country leader for England Professor Tony Heagerty was interviewed on prime time BBC Breakfast (go to 1:20:49) and ISH president Professor Neil Poulter on BBC Radio Five Live (go to 00:06:00) .