MMM18 in Ukraine joins Health Festival in the City park of Dnipro

30th October 2018Lisa Woodward

MMM18 in Ukraine joins Health Festival in the City park of Dnipro

Dr. Viktoriia Krotova, from Dnipro, Ukraine, local activist for MMM17 and MMM18, spoke to us about their MMM campaigns:

“In Ukraine, arterial hypertension is one of the most common diseases, about every third adult citizen suffers from it. For comparison, in countries such as Japan, Singapore, or South Korea, high blood pressure is only 20% or less. In these countries, government programs reduce the risk of hypertension: salt and sugar content in foods is controlled by state agencies and producers who exceed these parameterеs, deprived of licenses, have actively popularised healthy lifestyle choices from an early age. It is gratifying that there are organisers of medicine in Ukraine who think at the global level and worry about the health of the population.


During MMM17, inhabitants of Dnipro city (Ukraine) had their blood pressure measured, and all those who were need of help or advice received its. The initiative was also attended by teachers of schools and higher educational establishments.

In addition, on May 17-18, 2017,  a planned scientific and practical conference Topical issues of internal medicine – from clinical research to clinical practice” was held in Dnipro. The conference was attended by family doctors, general practitioners, therapists, cardiologists, neurologists. Delegates were offered blood pressure screening as part of the initiative. Cases of mild, moderate and severe hypertension were identified, as well as inadequate antihypertensive therapy (in 8 doctors). Perhaps, this situation is related to the stressful life of the physicians and the lack of awareness of personal blood pressure.


This year during MMM18 we were helped by the Ukrainian Association for Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, which organised the Health Festival in the city park of Dnipro on June 23, 2018 where it was possible to measure blood pressure.

We were also actively engaged in determining the prevalence of hypertension among newly-admitted patients, gave them prescriptions for the lifestyle modification and non-drug treatment methods. In addition, doctors participating in this research had an opportunity to inform their patients about the relevance of the arterial hypertension problem spreading not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world.

We would like to thank the organisers and doctors who took take part in these events to help people and to inform them about their health.”