MMM18 is published and finds only 1 in 3 with high blood pressure have it under control

16th May 2019Lisa Woodward

MMM18 is published and finds only 1 in 3 with high blood pressure have it under control

To celebrate this World Hypertension Day, we are delighted to announce the publication of the results of May Measurement Month (MMM) 2018 in the European Heart Journal.

This pioneering global initiative by the International Society of Hypertension (ISH), to screen the blood pressure of as many people globally as possible to raise awareness of the issues surrounding high blood pressure, managed to screen just over 1.5 million people across 89 countries.

The publication shows the analysis of blood pressure measurements taken from people across countries of all incomes during May 2018, discovering that 1 in 3 had hypertension.

Of those found to have hypertension, only a small proportion (1 in 3) had their condition under control, either because they were unaware, not on treatment, or both – or, their treatment was not working well enough. With raised blood pressure the number one risk factor for preventable death “the simplest way to save lives is to increase awareness and get people’s blood pressure checked,” explains Professor Neil Poulter, Chief Investigator for MMM.

Specifically, these new data from 2018 showed that 502 079 (33.4%) out of 1 504 963 participants were found to have hypertension. Of these, 298 940 (59.5%) were aware of their condition and 277 794 (55.3%) were on treatment. Of those on treatment, 166 580 (60.0%) were controlled and hence only 33.2% of all those with hypertension were controlled. A total of 111 214 (40%) of people were taking blood pressure treatments but still had uncontrolled blood pressure. Furthermore, one in six (15%) of those screened overall (224 285) had hypertension and were not on any form of treatment.

In all cases where hypertension was detected, the person was offered diet and lifestyle advice to help lower their blood pressure and ways to seek treatment if required.

Professor Poulter concludes: “It is urgent that we act to address the enormous burden that hypertension is placing on every country in the world. As long as we have sufficient support, we will continue to grow MMM on an annual basis, making May the month the world checks its blood pressure. Whilst we do this, the ISH is also calling upon policy influencers around the globe to recognise the need for better availability of screening as a direct way to reduce the huge burden raised blood presents for global health.”

For the full paper and detailed results please see here